Project: FIGHT COVID-19

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Who are we?
Abhaya Hasta is a community, which has come together to support the unprivileged in the district of Chandanagar, Hyderabad.

Why should you help?
The COVID-19 has affected the lives of millions of unprivileged workers, who rely on their daily wages as a means of living. As a result of the national lockdown, these workers, who relentlessly work hard to earn a livelihood for their families and themselves, have unfortunately been denied their daily wages. This has led them to lead a very poor lifestyle, not only affecting their health but also exacerbating their chances of contracting the virus. So, we, the members of AbhayaHasta, have realized the extremity of the issue and are trying our best to get these underprivileged workers back on their feet, amid such a crisis. However, we have realized that we cannot do this by ourselves and therefore ask you to join us on this mission to bring back the smile on the faces of those helpless workers.

Our work and its impact
From the funds that have been raised, we are supporting around 100 families or more of about 2-4 people per family (we intend to reach out and help more people depending on the funds we receive) with basic necessities like Rice, Wheat, Oil, Salt, Dal, Soaps etc., and will be refilling them every week until these people can get back to work after the lockdown ends. We always see a pure sense of happiness on these peoples’ faces when the food is being handed over to them and it makes us realize the extremity of the situation and how worthy our help is.


How can you help us?

If you wish to help us by donating, please click on the donate button below and/or contact us. In case you wish to GooglePay/Paytm the money, please do so to the following numbers:

  •   +91 9032088235

  •   +91 8185911467

We understand the importance of quarantine, therefore we request you all to join hands with us and contribute anything you can. WE ALL MIGHT BE SEPERATED BY DIFFERENT NAMES BUT WE ALL ARE UNITED BY ONE THING AND THAT’S HUMANITY…

For more information, please feel free to contact us via the phone numbers or message box below. In addition, make sure to visit and follow our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages to get a glimpse of the work we are doing!

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Contact numbers: Mr. Nagendra: +91 9032088235

                               Mr. Krishna: +91 9182430238

                               Mr. Kushal: +91 9866768800

                               Mr. Nikhil: +91 9948578641

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Our second visit

Abhaya Hasta has gone to the poor to supply them with food accessories